Savings Accounts

A savings account allows you to save part of your money and let it grow gradually, while allowing it to be used at any time without any fees or fines.

Features and Benefits:

  •  No minimum limit required to open the account.
  • Guaranteed profit margin.
  • Interest is calculated on the daily balance and paid into the customer account annually.
  • Online and mobile banking services.
  • Direct debit card.
  • An account in Iraqi dinars or foreign currencies.
  • Account statement upon request.
  • Cash withdrawals and deposits.
  • Deposit of bonds and transfer of salary.
  • Receiving and sending bank transfers through the account.
  • SMS notifications about account services.


  • Filling out the account opening form.
  • Supporting documents.
  • Residence card.
  • Passport (if available).
  • A valid residence permit with a passport for non-Iraqi nationals.
  • 1 recent personal photo.
  • Work ID (for employees).
  • Birth certificate for minors' accounts under guardianship.