Current Accounts

The current account meets your aspirations and gives you the freedom to access and manage your money with utmost ease and without a minimum balance, as it allows conducting daily banking transactions conveniently.

Features and Benefits:

  • The account is available in Iraqi dinars, US dollars, British pounds or Euros and other major global currencies.
  • Direct debit card.
  • Cheque books.
  • Cash withdrawal from all ATMs inside and outside Iraq.
  • Payment of purchases inside and outside Iraq.
  • The account can be viewed 24/7, anywhere in the world, through (internet banking, mobile banking, and ATM channels).
  • Convenient money transfer.
  • Salary transfer.
  • Mobile phone notifications about your bank account and its transactions.


  • Filling out the account opening form
  • Supporting documents
  • Residence card.
  • Passport (if available).
  • Valid residence permit with a passport for non-Iraqi nationals.
  • 1 recent personal photo.
  • Work ID (for employees).