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What Is an International Bank Account Number (IBAN)?

The IBAN :- It is an internationally agreed upon international bank account number that was established for the purpose of identifying external account numbers (International bank account number) with the aim of sending and receiving external and internal bank transfers between banks on these accounts. The number begins with two letters symbolizing the country, followed by two numbers, followed by a number of numbers and letters. It may reach 35 letters and numbers, including the beneficiary’s account number and the branch number, but in Iraq it consists of 23 digits, knowing that this number does not replace the local bank account number.

example: - IQ20BABI701008888816342
The acceptance formula for the account which is contain 21 digits whether it has break (/) or not. 
 The branch number must be 4 digits, so if it 3 digits you must add Zero to the left of number for example: -

                     The branch 701 it will be 0701.

  • Customer number must be 7 digits, so if it doesn’t have 7 digits you must replace each missing digit with zero on the left of the number.
         The following is the examples: -

The 21 digits account number

Customer number after adding

Customer number







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