About Us

Bank of Baghdad… Opening doors to opportunity


With 36 branches, the Bank of Baghdad is one of the largest private commercial banks in Iraq. Our vision is to integrate technology into customer service. The Bank of Baghdad has emerged as one of the largest banks in the region providing trusted high-quality financial services.

For our corporate customers, the Bank of Baghdad offers its commercial and international services to small and medium enterprises. We are also experts in many fields. Our services include commercial real estate and construction loans, credit services, letters of credit and trade finance, in addition to our services to our individual customers which include a full range of savings accounts, housing loans, personal loans and auto loans. Whether you are in the Middle East or North Africa, we offer you a range of financial services that meet all your needs.

The Bank of Baghdad is a member of the Kuwait Projects Company (Holding) and has a presence in the Middle East and North Africa. We are a group of seven partner banks: The Bank of Baghdad in Iraq, Syria Gulf Bank in Syria, Gulf Bank Algeria in Algeria, Jordan Kuwait Bank in Jordan, Tunis International Bank in Tunisia, Burgan Bank in Kuwait and United Gulf Bank in Bahrain. We offer our customers financial and banking services including letters of credit and trade finance. There are specialized institutions providing financial services for asset management and other investments, namely: United Gulf Bank Securities Company in Bahrain, United Gulf Financial Services Company in Qatar, KIPCO Asset Management Company in Kuwait, Diyafa Investment Company in Kuwait, Royal Capital in Abu Dhabi, North Africa Holding Company in Kuwait and Manafa Investment Company in Kuwait.

Over the past years, the Bank of Baghdad evolved from a local to an international bank. It continues to grow and perform well despite the turmoil in global financial markets and the local instability affecting the Iraqi economy. Much of the Bank's success has been achieved through technical enhancements and strategic attention to the future. We play an active role in the reconstruction of Iraq by taking advantage of available opportunities to develop the oil and non-oil sectors, build infrastructure and finance construction.

Information technology and comprehensive automation are the tools that enable the Bank of Baghdad to compete with foreign banks in Iraq. The Bank of Baghdad has introduced ten ATM machines and plans to add more, in addition to online banking services to provide additional benefits to customers and shareholders.

The Bank of Baghdad offers international banking solutions to its individual and corporate customers. Our customers are primarily attracted by our specifically customized banking and credit services.

Therefore, in addition to our attention to customers and information technology, we have become a company that grows in line with customers.

Our success is the result of our extensive experience in the banking sector, our leading capabilities and our financial soundness, which constantly create added value for investors, customers, employees and community as a whole.