About Us


The Bank of Baghdad nurtures a culture of leadership and inclusiveness. Leadership emerges from the Bank’s focus on contributing to the nation’s economy through modern technology. The Bank also organises staff training and development programmes that benchmark with the international standards.

Inclusiveness is a result of the Bank’s continued focus on sustainable growth. The Bank of Baghdad believes in encouraging constructive dialogue among employees and organisational leadership.

The employees contribute significantly to the entrepreneurial drive while the Bank continually strives to develop a culture of teamwork, sustainability and thought leadership.

Job Vacancy

Bank of Baghdad announces the need for 'staff' to serve as a branch manager in the governorates of Basrah and Erbil. Anyone who finds himself wanting to fulfill the required conditions must send his resume in both Arabic and English to the bank's address below and no later than 14/1/2016.

The required conditions

1- Fluent in English in the field of competence.

2 - To be fluent in using the computer and its systems.

3- Holds a bachelor's degree in the field of specialization from a government or recognized college and the graduation rate should not be less than (good).

4- He must have a banking service of not less than (8 years).

    Bank address

  • Located in Karrada outside / pool intersection
  • District 903, 17th Street, Building No. 150/65, near the National Swimming Pool.