Banking services

Banking services

1. Accounts service for individuals and companies in all main currencies:

§ Current accounts (on request)

§ Saving accounts

2. Encumbered deposits (fixed deposits) dinar + USD.

3. Salaries localization service for the public sector (governmental).

4. Salaries accounts management service for companies' employees.

5. Issued external remittances (SWIFT).

6. Incoming external remittances (SWIFT).

7. Issued and incoming local remittances through payment systems:



8. Internal transfers:

§ Enter branch between branches.

§ Direct payment transfers for beneficiaries at the request of the bank's customers.

§ Transfer from one account to another.

9. Automated clearing (incoming and issued clearance cheques).

10.Issuance and acceptance of safe cheques (acceptable for payment / certified).

11.Collect foreign checks.

12.Various commercial services (trade finance services) and are centrally managed:

§ Local letters of insurance.

§ Foreign warranties.

§ Issued documentary credits.

§ Incoming credits.

§ Bills of collection.

13.Internet banking:

§ Balance inquiry.

§ Requesting an account statement.

§ Transfer between accounts.

§ Online salary transfer. 

14.Companies' facilitation services:

§ Companies loans and investment financing.

§ Overdraft.

15.Foreign currency exchange.

16.Electronic channels services through ATM and points of sale.

17.Cash management services for companies (daily cash flows for companies).

18.Banking services via mobile phone.